UCSN utilizes a mailing list for its members to communicate via, to subscribe, visit:

Acceptable Usage Policy:

1. Autoresponders and/or robots are unacceptable and those utilizing them will be moderated and/or removed. In the case of spam-posting bots, the source IP address will be throttled or prevented from communicating with the mail server hosting the list.

2. Those posting to the list must remain on-topic as to maintain a specific level of SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio): 3. When subscribing to the list, you certify you are who you identify yourself as. Forging identity will result in permanant removal.

4. Derailing threads or engaging in meta-discussions is discouraged, meta discussions should be split into their own thread(s), the original thread may be noted by appending the original subject to the subject line, such as "New discussion (was: old discussion)"