United Collective of Systems and Networks

Charter (UCSN)

Established: 2010

0. Preamble

The United Collective of Systems and Networks (UCSN) is a group of groups and organizations (herein "Members") with the interest of collaborating and providing each other services and technologies. The UCSN itself is not a service provider, operator or network.

1. Activities

Members that are involved, may colaborate between each other to initiate activities under the UCSN identity. These activities are performed under the direction, management and guidance of the representitives involved.

2. Accountability

UCSN is an organization developed with accountability at its foundation. all members involved in activities are required to be accountable for any and all actions of their officers, agents, representitives and policies.

3. Administration and Guidance

UCSN is established and administered by Digibase Operations, Digibase Operations does not, and shall not exert any authority upon any members, but rather provides coordination for activities and group efforts and ensures that all members involved in activities are syncronized on matters.

4. Roles

4.1. The Coordinator

The Coordinator is the individual with the task of requiring accountability from all member organizations.

Among the tasks of the coordinator:

4.2. Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is the group of representitives from each member organization who provide inter-organization communication. Typically representitives are of a high-ranking administration/executive position within their respective organization. Only one listed representitive is permitted per organization.

Among the tasks of the governance committee:

5. Bylaws and Motions

Bylaws shall be defined as any written provision, rule or regulation that is officially endorsed by the Governance Committee. Each Member of the Governance Committee has equal powers to bring forth propositions and/or motions that may alter UCSN structure, existing bylaws and/or implementation of new bylaws. Bylaw enforcement is performed at the discretion of the Governance Committee.

5.1. Quorum and Modification

Only a meeting whereas 51 percent or higher of Governance Committee members are present may alteration or addition of Bylaws be performed.

5.2. Voting

The Coordinator shall ensure all motions presented to the Governance Committee are clear and concise. Those with ambiguous texts must be rephrased and only one question may be presented per motion. The voting procedure shall be directed by The Coordinator, in an orderly and definitive manner to ensure all organizations get a clear and fair vote. Voting shall be performed in an open and independently verifiable method whereas members may dispute a count.

5.3. Member Majority Vote

A Member Majority Vote is defined whereas a motion or proposition has obtained 51 percent or higher of member support upon completion of the voting procedure.

5.4. Immediate Force

Should a motion obtain a Member Majority Vote, The Coordinator shall without delay call the motion into force, to which The Coordinator or a designate must modify as to update any documents referenced by the motion within 24 hours.